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Monday, August 16, 2010

Blast from the Past Haiku Residency; enjoy the video!

Working with Sam and Emerson who helped create Ambidextrous (an undergraduate programme now adopted for every year) when they were undergraduates was a fantastic experience as Haiku poet-in-residence with Bath Spa University Undergraduate Development Project.

Sam and Emerson (photo©Sam & Emerson):

The whole project including my haiku residency was run by student organisation ambidextrous (Autumn 2006 - Summer 2007)

This was a number of haiku projects designed by me or Sam and Emerson:

·     * haiku and renga workshops
·     * mobile haiku walls for students and lecturers
·    * 24 Hour Haiku Answering Phone
·    * web-based media project (ArtsWork Bath Spa University) 

Video project, created 20 Nov 2006 by Ambidextrous and Soft C
Viewed 2827 times so far

An exploration of haiku for the modern day, featuring Britain's leading haiku expert Alan Summers.
Created in collaboration between two student arts groups - Ambidextrous and SOFT C. 

Now enjoy the video!


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