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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Still time to book up for the Purely Haiku course!

I'm really looking forward to this residential course.

Monday Afternoon 11th - Friday Breakfast 15th April 
Claridge House, Surrey, South East England
(just outside London)

Phone: 01342 832150
Phone: 0845 3457281

The Purely Haiku Course details:

Claridge House:

I think that's a brilliant price. It's a bargain for what you are offering. I thought it was going to be much more.

Annie Bachini (previous President of the British Haiku Society)

There may be some people who think, I know what haiku is, do I need a short residential course?

The answer is yes!  

photo©Rosee aka ridlydidlysventures


It is surprising just how much there is to learn about haiku and how the enjoyment can be tripled, quadrupled even.

The residential course starts Monday late afternoon after scrumptious teas and coffees, cakes and biscuits, in a leisurely get to know each other before we get to any workshopping at all. 

There's just the one session on Monday, and then relaxed sessions throughout Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

photo©Rosee aka ridlydidlysventures

The course is as relaxed and leisurely as you'd personally like,  or can be stepped up to your individual needs.  

The main thing is that I'm there to work hard for you, with gentle prompts and workshop exercises, with encouraging lively, engaging, inclusive group discussion and feedback.

Find out about  
kigo; kireji; gendai; shasei; juxtaposition and disjunctive methods; and how to make concrete images stand out, and even come across as lyrical in so short a poem, and help improve your other writing styles.

For those new to haiku, it will be a delightful introduction;
for those who know a little about haiku, it will be an astonishing journey to find out just how much more there is to know and enjoy.

For those who are seasoned and regularly published in haiku magazines, this is a chance to work on a body of work that can be submitted to various magazines, and become a cornerstone of your next, or first collection.

we always conclude the course with a fun renga party*, and a souvenir Haiku Journal notebook with our renga verses, and exchange of haiku from each other!

Friday is breakfast and saying goodbyes and hopefully staying in touch!

photo©Anne Simpson

Alan Summers

Alan Summers is a Japan Times award-winning writer for haiku and renku.  He has been a Poetry School Visiting Tutor for haiku, tanka, and renga, as well as appointed as the Japan-UK-150 roving renga poet-in-residence.

Alan is a founding editor for the haijinx humor in haiku magazine; renku/renga editor for Notes from the Gean haikai literature magazine; and creator of the Bath 1000 Verse Renga, and Hull Global Renga Projects.

The Purely Haiku Course details:

Comments from previous renga workshops:

"we really enjoyed the renga was a very intensely creative act, and I was really struck by the renga form itself, what it could be capable of...a whole new poetic energy" 
Mark, University of Winchester

"Thanks again for a wonderful poetry session."
Yu Yan, U.S. citizen currently visiting England

"I just wanted to thank you again for such a great event...I want to do some more!"
Susan, Plymouth

"Thanks so much for yesterday's renga event - it was fantastic! Really got the creative juices flowing. Let me know when the next one is, I will definitely attend!" Tracey, Bath

"Looks like I missed a fantastic event..I hope to be at the next one."
Caroline, Bristol (she was!)

"More! More!" Libby, Bristol

"It is so tempting to get involved in renku/renga with all the excitement you...generate."  
Melinda, USA

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